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Things that one should know about battery jumpstart services

Despite the fact that modern vehicles are more advanced than ever, some electrical and mechanical problems remain unavoidable.

One such thing is the dead battery issues. When your car experiences a dead battery unexpectedly, then car jump start services offer you the greatest support and help you to get back on the roads.

In this blog, we shall look into more about the various reasons that cause the drainage of car batteries and how to tackle it with battery jumpstart services.

What are some of the important reasons that cause the drain of battery charges?

  • Leaving your car idle for a long period of time
  • Leaving the headlights and other interior lighting in your car switch on when you leave the car
  • When the air conditioning system in the car is left operating
  • Extreme weather may also be the cause for battery drainage in some situation

A flat battery can also be experienced when your battery is old or when there is a problem with the alternator that charges the car battery while you drive.

One may think jump-starting a car is easier, but when done improperly it may affect the electrical system in your car.

What is the equipment that you need to jumpstart your car battery?

To jumpstart your car battery you need jumper cables and the power source whether it may be a jump box or another vehicle. Jumper cables are usually insulated, long and thick cables with toothy clips at both ends. The clips are differentiated with red and positive colour. The red clip indicates the positive and the black clip indicates the negative.

Jump boxes are usually portable batteries. Mostly roadside assistance uses the jumper box as the source to help out the vehicles that are stranded in the middle of the roads due to the dead battery.

 Steps involved in jumpstarting your car

  • First, get the jumper box or another vehicle that is going to act as a power source.
  • Make sure the car ignition is turned off and the parking brake is properly put on
  • Open the hood and locate the batteries
  • The next step is to attach the alligator clips to the terminals.
  • Make sure the terminals are free of corrosion and the dust
  • The red clamp should be connected to the positive post of the dead battery.
  • The other red clamp should be connected to the positive post of the working battery.
  • The black clamp should be connected to the negative post of the working battery.
  • Ensure that the last black clamp is connected to a metal surface of your car that is unpainted.
  • After jumpstarting turn test the lighting system of the car that is being jump-started. If it is bright it is one of the good signs that your car battery has received enough charge.
  • Unclip the jumper cables
  • Finally, start the engine of your car and start to drive.


What to do if the car does not jumpstart?

If your car doesn’t start after the battery jumpstart services, try it once again. If the car battery does not gain power even after several attempts it indicates that the car battery is severely damaged beyond the level of recharging it.

If there is a clicking noise, then the issue may be with the starter. The other possible causes may be problems with the ignition switch or the fuse.

If you are looking out for professional battery jump start services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, then get in touch with the Swiss Auto Recovery services. Our experienced roadside assistance team will make sure your car batteries are properly recharged so that you can be confident on the roads without any hassle.