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How to hire the best towing services in the UAE?

How reliable or durable the vehicle may be, it would face breakdown at least once in a lifetime due to a flat tire or major engine issues. 

Whatever may be the reason that your car has been left stranded in the middle of the road, you should immediately look for towing services to help you out and take your vehicle to the certified mechanic near you.

Since there are numerous car towing companies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, finding the one that offers the best high-standard services is a bigger deal.

Consider the below-mentioned points while finalizing the towing company, So that you can be confident that your car will be towed in the shift way with greater care.

You can inquire about the availability of towing services from your car recovery company

This is important to make sure with your car recovery service provider that the tow trucks are readily available to help you out. And also it is good to make sure how long it will take to reach the location where you are and collect your vehicle.

Make sure the tow trucks reach you as soon as possible, it is always better. While contacting the towing company, inform them about the make and model of your car and tell them about the type of towing services you need.

Make sure the towing company you choose is licensed and insured

This is one of the important factors to consider because they contribute a lot towards your car safety. So next time while evaluating your car towing company never forget to consider this parameter.

Check for reliability and experience

It is always good to rely on a towing company that offers 24/7 roadside assistance services. This will increase the level of benefits that you receive from them.

Make sure the towing company you choose has longevity in this industry and has a large number of positive reliable experiences in the past in towing vehicles that are similar to the one you hold.

Double-check twice that they can handle your vehicle 

This is especially true if you are looking for luxury car towing or sports car towing services. Make sure they have well-maintained tow trucks, skilled technicians, and the equipment needed to safely tow your vehicle.

Make sure they offer all types of towing services and have tow trucks that are specifically designed for them.

Looking out for the online customer reviews

It is obvious that you would be stressed out, and would be picking one car towing service from your google search results to help you out. Never simply trust the one that comes at the top, make sure you check for the online reviews and customer feedback section before contacting them and finalizing.

Spend a few seconds reading what the previous customers have said about the towing company and whether they had positive experiences that would help you in making a good choice.

Apart from all, while looking out for towing services make sure your car insurance provider offers any kind of roadside assistance or towing support. This would help you to save money.

What are the benefits of hiring towing services?

  • If you are driving the car with the issues until you reach the car service center, no one knows at which point it will completely break down, so in such cases getting towing support is always helpful.
  • Towing services ensure both the safety of the vehicle and you so that you can be stress-free
  • Contacting the towing company will also offer simple roadside assistance support like battery jump start services, fuel delivery, lockout services, and flat tire replacement through the trained technicians so that your vehicle can be got back on the roads immediately.
  • Towing services are also helpful during accidents. If your vehicle is damaged to a greater extent and cannot utilize its power to move to the service center then towing is a reliable option that can be considered during any time of the day.
  • A faster response time: emergency towing services respond very quickly. Help arrives before you expect it if you call them.


Looking out for the best towing services in the UAE

Royal Swiss Auto Recovery is one of the leading and trusted car recovery companies in the UAE offering affordable service.

If you are in an emergency to get your car towed in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, contact us without any second thoughts. We are ready to pick up your vehicle and take care of it in the best way until it reaches the desired location.

We are confident that once your car is hooked onto our tow trucks, your car is properly handled and you will not be manipulated in terms of the cost.