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Roadside Assistance Service

Learn more about the road safety guidelines in the UAE

Following good safety measurements is essential to keep both yourself and your vehicle safe by avoiding any major or minor collisions.

  • While you are driving, care for others on the road and treat others in a way exactly in which you want to be treated.
  • Be a responsible driver and wear seat belts while driving. Seat belts are mandatory for every passenger in the car including children.
  • Avoid any sort of distractions while driving, do not use mobile phones put it in silent mode or keep it away
  • Driving according to the weather condition, maintain a proper distance from the vehicle that is moving in front of you.
  • Do not rush while driving, so plan and start your trips early.
  • Use the indicator at the appropriate time properly especially if you want to turn your vehicle or change the lane.
  • Care for the pedestrians while you drive
  • The minimum age for legal driving in Dubai is 18 years and renewing the license as per the norms is highly important.
  • In the UAE, it is important to follow the right-hand drive system with the steering wheel on the left and driving on the right. Overtaking the vehicle is usually allowed from the left.
  • Speed limits are specified and strictly monitored in Dubai. When the speed limits are violated the drivers need to pay a fine.
  • Drunken driving is considered a serious criminal offence, anyone who has been caught red-handed will need to pay a hefty fine as decided by the court.
  • Following the traffic light signals is also necessary.
  • Never drive a car without the proper number plate that confirms the UAE laws.
  • Driving behavior that damages the life of others is dealt with very strictly in Dubai. Similarly not stopping your car after causing an accident that leads to injuries or the loss of life is also a criminal offence.
  • Always use the headlights at night and especially during the foggy climate. Usage of the fog lights is also advisable,
  • Never change your vehicle colour without the proper permission from authorized officials in the UAE.
  • Following the instructions given by the traffic policeman, neglecting it will create the need to pay the penalty.

How to be safe on the roads while waiting for the towing support to arrive during an unexpected situation?

    • Pull the car over the side of the road and stay safely while waiting for the towing support to arrive
    • Turn on the hazards light and make sure you an your car are visible
    • Make sure you get the help from the authorized towing company, never accept the unsolicited rides or tows
    • Conserve your phone battery and make sure you are having your phone in handy, so this would be highly helpful if the towing company is calling you to verify the location.
    • Don’t leave any of the valuables inside your car.

    If you are looking for the best car recovery services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, then get in touch with Swiss Auto Recovery. When you are left stranded on the roads due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown or any unexpected major or minor collisions, our roadside assistance team or towing support will reach your location as soon as you contact us.

    Call us at 971 503 967 879 to know more about our car recovery services.