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Questions you must ask the towing company?

If we are getting stranded in the middle of the road due to an electrical or mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, dead battery or any other reasons we would contact roadside assistance or towing support immediately to get help.

In such situations, while getting in touch with the towing company, there are certain questions that you must ask to make sure your car would get towed efficiently. Asking certain questions to the towing company would save you time and even some significant amount of money.

In this blog, you can find some of the questions that you must ask your car towing company

Which types of vehicles will they tow?

First and foremost thing, as soon as you contact your car towing company enquire what types of vehicle they will tow? This would help you to gain the assurance that the towing company has experience in towing the type of car you hold.

Similarly, as the towing company gets to know about the make and model of the car you hold, it would be helpful for them to bring out the right equipment. 

Enquiring about the type of tow truck they have is also one of the important questions that you must put forth.

When will the tow truck arrive at your location?

A tow truck’s arrival time to the location where you are stranded is one of the most important things most of us would like to know because it could give you some peace of mind that help will be on its way. Most tow trucks will reach you immediately within half an hour to one hour as soon as you contact them. If you are in a remote location you need to be patient until the tow truck reaches you.

What is the approximate cost of the towing or will they provide you with an instant quote?

Having a prior idea of how much the towing service that you would always avail is always a good idea. So you can get prepared for the money to pay. Getting an instant quote will always help you to avoid any discrepancies in the charges at the end.

This would be helpful to avoid any sort of extra or hidden costs that come along with the towing service

Do they offer 24/7 towing services?

The purpose of this is to ensure you can reach your towing company 24 hours a day. Since a breakdown can happen unexpectedly at any time, always hire a towing company that offers its service throughout the day without any hindrance.

What are the other services that the towing company offers?

Asking this question would be helpful to gain deeper knowledge about the other wide range of services they provide like battery jump start services, flat tyre replacement, accident recovery and many more. If any of these services are necessary based on the vehicle’s condition and the reason for the breakdown, you can opt for them.

Where will they tow your vehicle?

This is one of the important questions to check for because it would be helpful to gain the reassurance of vehicle that will be towed to the desired location or mechanic you demand instead of their own choice.

Next time if you are hiring a towing company in the UAE, ask the above-mentioned question when you get in touch with them so that you can make informed decisions. A good and reputable car towing company that follows the customer-centric approach will answer all your queries patiently and make sure that your car is towed safely without any sort of mishaps.

Similarly if possible before finalizing the towing company check the reviews or ask your friends and family for suggestions so that you would not land on any poor choice.

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